Monday, November 10, 2008

As I was looking on some of my other friends' blogs I saw that one had created a mosaic. I thought it was such a cute and awesome idea. Lo and behold I made one too!

Name: Sara

Favorite Food: In 'n' Out

High School: Queen Creek

Favorite Color: Red

Celebrity Crush: I had so many so I just picked one. John Krasinski.

Favorite Drink: Smoothies

Dream Vacation: Europe

Favorite Dessert: Cherry Pie

What do you want to be when you grow up?: Happy
What do you love most about life?: The power of love

One word that describes you: peacemaker

Pet Name: Penelope

One of THE Most Amazing Firesides

Last night will probably be one of the most memorable things in my life. I was able to witness Southern Virginia University give the highest award to President James E. Faust and his wife Ruth W. Faust. The award that was given to them was the Leader-Servant Award. A leader-servant is someone who may be a leader who serves in the workplace, the world by some way, the community, the church, and in the home. Another leader-servant from the the quorum of the twelve was Neal A. Maxwell. There are now 6 beautiful portraits hanging on the wall in Main Hall surrounding a beautiful painting of Jesus Christ showing His example of being a leader-servant.

What I loved most about listening to what was being said about President Faust and his wife was how much their relationship was like a fairy-tale. All of their 5 children were able to come in support and to receive the award for their parents. It was so crazy though because they mentioned a few times how awesome it was for them to come together and see each other at the same time. I guess it had been a long time since all of the children had been together. They all spoke and told stories of their parents, of their love for each other, their children, friends, and even for people they hardly knew.

I learned of the undying love that President Faust showed towards his wife. It was truly unfailing love. Their children remarked how this one time, much later in their life, Ruth couldn't tie her shoe anymore. President Faust told her, "You are so beautiful. I love you so much I would marry you all over again." Then, he knelt down and tied her shoe.

I think about this and it makes me so happy and I wish and I hope I find my future husband just like that. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland sent a video tribute here to SVU addressing us, the faculty, and especially the Faust family. Unfortunately, he was not able to come in person. He talked of President Faust so courteously it was actually quite beautiful. One of the things he shared about President Faust that really struck me was that he said, "[President] Faust is the definition of a gentleman." Elder Holland commented that by President Faust's actions Elder Holland would always look up to him as the perfect example.

I loved learning so much more about President Faust and his wife, Ruth. I didn't know that their kind of love still exists. I remember one of their children saying, "For [President] Faust, Ruth came first; and for Ruth, [President] Faust came first." They always made sure that they thought of each other before they did anything. I loved how much this really touched a lot of the people in the audience and probably became an eye-opener as well.

I am SO glad I attended this fireside. It was such a wonderful and enlightening meeting.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm So Excited!

This past weekend, I attended my ballet class and rehearsal on Saturday. It was pretty much just a normal class. When we started rehearsals for whatever we were doing, my dance instructor, Missy, had us watch a video of the last time her girls danced variations from "The Nutcracker". Just hearing the music from it made me miss dancing in it every Christmas season. So I sat there watching the performance and I had all these memories pass by my mind from almost every divertissement that was being danced. Those were definitely good times.

After Missy showed us the tape, we got up and Missy says, "Alright, Sara, you're going to be dancing the Sugar Plum Fairy variation."

I pretty much almost wet myself, I was sooooo excited! Never ever back at home did I get to dance a good ballet solo. The solos that I dance were the ones from high school, and I really don't think those count since I didn't spend a whole lot of time on them. So anyways, I will be dancing the Sugar Plum Fairy variation on December 9th. I can't wait! I am gonna try my hardest to make it look professional and not some dinky recital thing from school. I want it to look amazing because I get to perform this only once and I don't have any other performances to make up for it.

I'm so excited that I just can't keep in this feeling at all!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Staying Up Late

Last Sunday evening or Monday morning, however you would like to put it, I stayed up late studying for class. While I was staying up late, I was also waiting for my roommate Jessica to go to sleep so then my friend, and close friend to Jessica, and I could decorate for Jessica's birthday which was Monday the 20th of October. We decorated at about 1:00 to 1:30ish. Don't worry Mom and Dad, I definitely was studying before the pictures. hehe. We decorated her part of the room with posters and balloons. Then we came out to the hall and decorated the door with more posters and balloons. Jamie made her a delicious cake as well.

We had so much fun! That's Jamie and me!

We definitely are the best decorators for birthdays! We had a blast and it was so hard to keep quiet because we were so excited and we were trying not to wake Jessica up. Don't I look wide awake?

The beautifully decorated door with our quote board.

This was Jessica in the morning surprised.

Jessica way too excited and happy for her birthday! :)

Fall Colors

A couple weeks ago I left early before one of my classes so I could take some beautiful fall pictures. The colors have been absolutely gorgeous although here I've heard that other places are more beautiful than this. I couldn't possibly imagine colors looking even more beautiful other places. I love being here in this beautiful place. Thanks Mom and Dad for the opportunity that I've had being here.

Trees by the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The church building so close to the Lofts. It's almost finished! YAY!

The school from the top of the stairs by the Lofts. Isn't beautiful?

Ooh! I really like this one. It's up here by the Lofts but it's on path near it. I put it as my new background on the computer. I thought it was beautiful!

Trees and more trees!!

A pretty awesome leaf.

More beautiful trees!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Homecoming at SVU

On Saturday, October 11th, my friends and I got ready and went to our school's homecoming. The theme for it was the 40's and we had a lot of fun dressing up for it. Nope, I did not have a date, but I didn't care too much because a lot of my friends didn't either so we had fun going together. Afterwards, we went to eat at Lee High's restaurant which is probably at least 10-15 minutes away. It's a delicious American restaurant that's open 24 hours and you can either eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Oh, and it's also a truck stop for all those truckers. It's a very unique place, but once again the food is delicious!

In my dorm room right before we left.

Jessica George, one of my roomies and I

Me and Jamie Hall, a friend I met through Jessica. (I really do hate when people give bunny ears.)

Another cute picture of Jessica and me.

My friend from one of my classes, Katrina Bagley. Very sweet and nice girl.

Jessica and Gigi, her real name is Janessa.

Emily down the hall, sorry I don't remember her last name. This was taken at Lee Highs.

After the dance and I was so random... I think it looks like I'm running away from something. haha!

The roomies! Jessica, Me, Heather Sanders. We looked awesome!

Heather and I

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Washington D.C. Temple Trip

Today, October 8th, SVU had fall break for only one day which was today and we had the opportunity to go to the Washington DC temple; which I definitely wanted to take the opportunity to do it. The list to go was filling up fast, but I was able to get my name down for baptisms just in time. I felt very fortunate to be able to go. It was such a wonderful experience and I would go again in a heartbeat.

Here is the beautiful temple!

A closer look at the spires.

I saw this awesome rock on the grounds so I had to take a picture sitting on it! hehe
Then, Heather wanted to take a closer picture....
Heather and I after the temple with our spirits uplifted...haha
Here are some of the houses near the temple. They are sooo cute and quaint. (haha who says that word nowadays?)

I'm a blogger!

So today my friend talked me into getting a blog and so here I am with a blog now and I am SO excited!!

You guys can use this to be updated with what's happening in my life.