Monday, November 2, 2009

October in a Post!

I know I totally just skipped the whole month of October, but I am still alive!! I have been swamped with schoolwork (who hasn't) that I'm finally making itme to blog a bit. I've realized a lot this past month of things I needed to change to make myself more efficient and studious. I've been spending a lot of time in the library (a great way to be anti-social, right?) to improve my grades and get homework assignments and essays and papers done early than getting them done while I'm falling asleep at my computer near my bed and sometimes on my bed. HAHA! I am actually for once on top of my schoolwork and getting good grades. I mean, I've always had good grades, but this time I'm not procrastinating getting good grades. I like it and I'm not so much a procrastinator anymore. That was one of my goals this year starting my second year in college. Because of last year, I now want a more efficient and liveable year without too much stress.
I also took a challenge from my Gospel and Productive Life class in Institute about budgeting my money for the month. Oh my goodness, that was tough, but I was able to do it. I'm gonna try this month too and see if it gets any easier. I hope it does.
Right now the leaves are almost off of the trees, but when the colors were changing it was absolutely beautiful. Here's some pictures from my window in my dorm room in Main Hall. There's also some pictures that were taken throughout the month as well. Enjoy!!
Some of my cool friends and I at the soccer game. It was cold.
The Dance Team or Company right before we performed for halftime

Me and Karen Walsh at the Halloween Dance. I dressed up as 80s and she and her boyfriend dressed up as 50s. She's super awesome.