Monday, November 2, 2009

October in a Post!

I know I totally just skipped the whole month of October, but I am still alive!! I have been swamped with schoolwork (who hasn't) that I'm finally making itme to blog a bit. I've realized a lot this past month of things I needed to change to make myself more efficient and studious. I've been spending a lot of time in the library (a great way to be anti-social, right?) to improve my grades and get homework assignments and essays and papers done early than getting them done while I'm falling asleep at my computer near my bed and sometimes on my bed. HAHA! I am actually for once on top of my schoolwork and getting good grades. I mean, I've always had good grades, but this time I'm not procrastinating getting good grades. I like it and I'm not so much a procrastinator anymore. That was one of my goals this year starting my second year in college. Because of last year, I now want a more efficient and liveable year without too much stress.
I also took a challenge from my Gospel and Productive Life class in Institute about budgeting my money for the month. Oh my goodness, that was tough, but I was able to do it. I'm gonna try this month too and see if it gets any easier. I hope it does.
Right now the leaves are almost off of the trees, but when the colors were changing it was absolutely beautiful. Here's some pictures from my window in my dorm room in Main Hall. There's also some pictures that were taken throughout the month as well. Enjoy!!
Some of my cool friends and I at the soccer game. It was cold.
The Dance Team or Company right before we performed for halftime

Me and Karen Walsh at the Halloween Dance. I dressed up as 80s and she and her boyfriend dressed up as 50s. She's super awesome.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Owl City!

This past weekend was way super fun and everyone should be jealous. Last Friday, I left SVU for the weekend with one of my best friends, Jessica George! to her house in Lincolnton, North Carolina. That Friday night, we drove to Carrboro to see a concert. Owl City. (Yes, I meant to put Owl City in its own sentence.) It was absolutely fantastic. I've been to other concerts and I will admit that this one will be up there at my top list with Good Charlotte, Boys Like Girls, Metrostation, and The Maine, and also of course, Lifehouse, and Josh Groban, and yes, I am going to include the Jonas Brothers (they seriously do give a really good, clean concert). Yup, these are all in my top list. Good stuff, I know. Jess and I realized that at the concert of Owl City every one, I repeat, EVERY ONE of the people in that band were gorgeous looking. So we took pictures of our beautiful selves and as well as the band. Enjoy!

Jess and I in the car on the way to Owl City!


Me and Jess at the concert!

The genius and hott singer and creator of Owl City

That amazing singer and the drummer who's also way hott!

Jess and I with our shirts that we got at the concert. Such happy times.
P.S. It took many shots to take a picture with our shirts. We never got a really good one, but I guess this one will do.

P.S.S. There's a couple of songs on my playlist that are sung by Owl City. You should listen to them. :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to School

I am officially back at school at SVU. It is so nice to be back here.
I took an overnight flight starting at 11:00 PM Arizona time. I had a three and a half hour layover in Atlanta, Georgia and I finally arrived in DC about 11:00 AM. One of my best friends Jessica came and picked me up. I'm so grateful for her and her willingness to drive 6 hours total to pick me up and go back to SVU. She's pretty awesome, I guess. :D
Being here for almost 2 whole days is actually kind of weird because there's so many new freshman or transfers. I'm only a sophomore, but sometimes I feel like I'm one of the new students as well. I miss all the friendships that I had last year and wish for it again this year, but I know it probably won't be the same like last year. I do hope that this semester will be good.
I am definitely going to be staying busy. I will be taking a couple of English classes since it is my major after all. One of them is a creative writing class which I will be writing a lot more than I'm used to. I will also be taking Spanish 3, Ballet, Drawing, and of course, an Institute class. After looking at my schedule, I'm kind of excited to start my classes.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taking Off!

So here I am right now sitting here at my laptop, listening to my itunes on shuffle, and writing to you with a full belly of breakfast goodness. Several of my friends and I threw a breakfast sort of party and ate such a huge breakfast. It was for sure glorious goodness. My computer area consists of junk all around it. I have a shoe box, my flowers to make hair clips, magazines, and some other items which I have no idea what it is cluttered on this table.
I am leaving tonight to go back to school! I am excited to go back there and see my friends and to be in a beautiful, green place. I feel it is a good change for me just to get a break from the hot Arizona and I can be out on my own for a little bit and learn some more responsibility for myself which can be fun and sometimes it's not. One thing that I'm not excited about is the little, annoying gnat bugs that buzz around your head and face and they won't go away. Thank goodness it won't last too long. It's kinda funny because with those bugs buzzing around your face, you can put your arm up in the air and the bugs will move higher. I have no idea why they do that, they're just weird, I guess. That is a thing that I like being here in Arizona because theres' no bugs that annoy the heck out of your face. There are mosquitoes, but seriously, they're everywhere. Anyways, enough about stupid bugs.
I will definitely miss home. A lot. I'll miss my wonderful mom. She goes out of her way for everything. I'll miss our little adventures that we take to the grocery store or to the mall, especially when it's night time when my mom gets slap happy (she is not a night person) and we just laugh and have a good time and it takes us longer to get what we need just from goofing off. A little bit. I'll also miss just those good time from watching all of Jane Austen movies as well as the great "North and South". If you haven't seen it, it's a must see four hours of a movie. Seriously. I'm definitely going to miss my dad too. He is the stable one in our family. It's been a hard summer for all of us, and what I saw of him, he kept going strong through it all and faced each day straight on. He helped me keep my head on my shoulders and talked sense into me like he always does when he helps me out, and I love him for it. I'm just going to miss him. I am also going to miss my brothers and sisters. We've all had such good times together. I'm so grateful that everyone is only a phone call away.
Well, with tears in my eyes I guess I need to finish my packing and say my goodbyes to all of my friends. I will try hard this semester to keep all of you updated with what's going on in Buena Vista, Virginia.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Wedding Day

Not to worry, I did not get married. My oldest brother Spencer married a beautiful, fine lady, Maycee Lacsamana. Spencer and Maycee got married August 8, 2009. Maycee looked absolutely beautiful and Spencer looked handsome as well. They got sealed in the Mesa, Arizona temple at 10:30 AM. The sealing part didn't last long so I'm told, but I heard it was magnificent. Spencer and Mayce conitinued to glow from the beginning of the day to the end of the day when they had to go off on their honeymoon.

After the sealing, we had a delicious luncheon at my Lamb grandparent's home. It was so lovely. My Grandma Lamb did such a wonderful job with the food and the decorations. The Durler side of the family was also able to come for the wedding; as well as Russ and his two children/my cousins Alea and Kai. After the luncheon everyone relaxed at home or took naps so that we would be refreshed for the reception later that night.

At the reception, it was absolutely breathtaking. The colors that Mayce picked out was a teal/turquoise color, but more on the blue side, then there was also brown and white. Spencer and Maycee asked if I could be the DJ at their reception to help save money. To be honest, I was a little nervous because I've never DJ-ed in my life :/. Caitlin Dalton, Emily, and me were her bridesmaids. Her sister is as well, but Maycee's family couldn't make it so they threw a type of ceremony party in honor of her back where they live in Australia. In December her family will be coming up to Utah and then there will be like a ceremony or an Open House for her family to see and enjoy.

The reception went by too fast. Luckily, they did have a lot of guests that showed up, and I know that both Spencer and Maycee are loved by many. I'm so grateful to have Maycee as an older sister. :D It has definitely been a wonderful summer.

Here are some pictures from the wedding:

Spencer and Maycee coming out of the temple doors

Spencer and Maycee posed together.
Aiden, my nephew, looked like a stud at the reception.

All the sisters together at the temple

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Almost Forgot!

So, good news! My older brother Karl just graduated today with his GED!! I wasn't able to attend, but I'm so happy for him! He was told that he was like the first one to get the highest score on his GED in like 10-15 years. He's a smarty-pants. I am a proud little sister!

It's About Time

I am finally writing on my blog again after 4 months. Sorryit took me so long, but I've been so busy or just not motivated at all. Thanks to one of my favorite people, Sister Walker who actually did motivate me to start writing on my blog again, although it took a month after her telling me that I should start. I supposed I'll have to catch you up on the past 4 months.

April 11th was my 19th birthday. It's actually really weird to think that I'm already nineteen. I was, of course at SVU which actually wasn't so bad. For my past birthdays, I usually take a day off of school because I really don't like going to school on my birthday. It's just one of those things that don't like to do on my birthday. Luckily this year my birthday was on a Saturday so my friends and I went out to lunch at Ruby Tuesday's, and I opened all my presents there. Afterwards, I went to a school play called "The Diviners" which some of my friends were in it. It was a wonderful play and a bit heartbreaking too. It's about "a small farm community during the depression where water and faith are in short supply. A charismatic but back-sliding preacher drifts into town and meets a gentle but misunderstood boy with the gift of divining or water-witching. The two outcasts find a common bond and help each other divine for truth, faith and hope. The townspeople though demand the preacher return to a way of life he no longer believes in and it drives both men to a crisis of trust." It was a wonderful play which made my birthday more enjoyable.

I came back home very early of May because my study abroad trip to Mexico was cancelled due to the swine flu breakout. I was supposed to go there to finish my Spanish 3 and 4 so I could get all of my prerequisites all done and out of the way. I was bummed out that I couldn't go so I decided to go home. My brother Spencer wanted me home as well as my mom. I also had a feeling that I should go home this summer especially living away my freshman year.

Around the middle of May, my family plus my brother's friend and Spencer's girlfriend, Maycee, and I went for Memorial weekend to Rocky Point, Mexico to relax in the condo and on the beach. The Saturday before we went home, Maycee wanted to go walk the beach with Spencer at sunset and take pictures. Emily and I went with them with our cameras because we knew that Spencer would pop the question to her. My mom went along too to look for sea shells, without knowing what Spencer would do. Walking along the beach you can tell that Spencer was really nervous. After about thirty minutes, Spencer got down on one knee and proposed. It was soooo exciting that me and Emily were clapping and whooping. It was such an amazing and lovely evening. Now the date for their wedding is August 8th.

This past June 20th was also one of the most important days of my little sister, Alexis's life. She got baptized with her friend Madison Pickens. It was such a wonderful day. I reluctantly played the piano for her. I did want to play, but no matter how much I practiced it was still hard for me to play while people sing. Alexis looked absolutely beautiful and like an angel. Throughout the entire program, I could feel the Holy Ghost so strongly and I knew that this was the right place to be and the right thing for Alexis to do. Here's one of the pictures of her in her baptism dress.

I will definitely try to keep my blog updated more. Until next time!