Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taking Off!

So here I am right now sitting here at my laptop, listening to my itunes on shuffle, and writing to you with a full belly of breakfast goodness. Several of my friends and I threw a breakfast sort of party and ate such a huge breakfast. It was for sure glorious goodness. My computer area consists of junk all around it. I have a shoe box, my flowers to make hair clips, magazines, and some other items which I have no idea what it is cluttered on this table.
I am leaving tonight to go back to school! I am excited to go back there and see my friends and to be in a beautiful, green place. I feel it is a good change for me just to get a break from the hot Arizona and I can be out on my own for a little bit and learn some more responsibility for myself which can be fun and sometimes it's not. One thing that I'm not excited about is the little, annoying gnat bugs that buzz around your head and face and they won't go away. Thank goodness it won't last too long. It's kinda funny because with those bugs buzzing around your face, you can put your arm up in the air and the bugs will move higher. I have no idea why they do that, they're just weird, I guess. That is a thing that I like being here in Arizona because theres' no bugs that annoy the heck out of your face. There are mosquitoes, but seriously, they're everywhere. Anyways, enough about stupid bugs.
I will definitely miss home. A lot. I'll miss my wonderful mom. She goes out of her way for everything. I'll miss our little adventures that we take to the grocery store or to the mall, especially when it's night time when my mom gets slap happy (she is not a night person) and we just laugh and have a good time and it takes us longer to get what we need just from goofing off. A little bit. I'll also miss just those good time from watching all of Jane Austen movies as well as the great "North and South". If you haven't seen it, it's a must see four hours of a movie. Seriously. I'm definitely going to miss my dad too. He is the stable one in our family. It's been a hard summer for all of us, and what I saw of him, he kept going strong through it all and faced each day straight on. He helped me keep my head on my shoulders and talked sense into me like he always does when he helps me out, and I love him for it. I'm just going to miss him. I am also going to miss my brothers and sisters. We've all had such good times together. I'm so grateful that everyone is only a phone call away.
Well, with tears in my eyes I guess I need to finish my packing and say my goodbyes to all of my friends. I will try hard this semester to keep all of you updated with what's going on in Buena Vista, Virginia.

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elizabeth said...

I love getting the updates from your blog. You are so cute! We missed you at lunch on Saturday, but we'll try again when you're home--if I'm home.
Good luck with school.
Sis. Walker