Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Wedding Day

Not to worry, I did not get married. My oldest brother Spencer married a beautiful, fine lady, Maycee Lacsamana. Spencer and Maycee got married August 8, 2009. Maycee looked absolutely beautiful and Spencer looked handsome as well. They got sealed in the Mesa, Arizona temple at 10:30 AM. The sealing part didn't last long so I'm told, but I heard it was magnificent. Spencer and Mayce conitinued to glow from the beginning of the day to the end of the day when they had to go off on their honeymoon.

After the sealing, we had a delicious luncheon at my Lamb grandparent's home. It was so lovely. My Grandma Lamb did such a wonderful job with the food and the decorations. The Durler side of the family was also able to come for the wedding; as well as Russ and his two children/my cousins Alea and Kai. After the luncheon everyone relaxed at home or took naps so that we would be refreshed for the reception later that night.

At the reception, it was absolutely breathtaking. The colors that Mayce picked out was a teal/turquoise color, but more on the blue side, then there was also brown and white. Spencer and Maycee asked if I could be the DJ at their reception to help save money. To be honest, I was a little nervous because I've never DJ-ed in my life :/. Caitlin Dalton, Emily, and me were her bridesmaids. Her sister is as well, but Maycee's family couldn't make it so they threw a type of ceremony party in honor of her back where they live in Australia. In December her family will be coming up to Utah and then there will be like a ceremony or an Open House for her family to see and enjoy.

The reception went by too fast. Luckily, they did have a lot of guests that showed up, and I know that both Spencer and Maycee are loved by many. I'm so grateful to have Maycee as an older sister. :D It has definitely been a wonderful summer.

Here are some pictures from the wedding:

Spencer and Maycee coming out of the temple doors

Spencer and Maycee posed together.
Aiden, my nephew, looked like a stud at the reception.

All the sisters together at the temple

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Maycee said...

Awww, Sara, thank you so much for this wonderful blog post! (:

Spencer and I read it together just now and loved reminiscing that beautiful summer day. Can you believe it's been more than 2 months? Crazy!!

We miss and love you! Take care! <3