Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I did! Of course there were no boyfriends or "lovers" that I had, I still had a really good day! First thing I did was I went to ballet rehearsal for Vivaldi's Four Seasons. The parts that I'm in is Spring and Fall/Autumn. I have only learned Spring so soon we will learn Fall, which I hear is a little bit more stamina in Fall than in Spring, but that's alright! It's so much fun!! After rehearsal, my friends and I went and ate out at lunch at Ruby's Tuesday. It was delicious!! I ate a Petite Sirloin with a side of very yummy seasoned steamed brocolli and mashed potatoes. Surprisingly, I still had room in my tummy and so a friend and I shared a double chocolate cake. My friend's name is Kenzie. She and I dance with each other in The Four Seasons as well as the Dance Team here at school. (By the way, I tried out for the Dance Team a couple weeks ago and I made it!! BIG SURPRISE! haha...) It's fun because we have a lot in common.
Anyways, so the cake was deliciously moist with chocolate syrup in the middle of the sort of bundt cake with a strawberry drizzle on the plate with a fresh strawberry. And on the other side was a cute, medium sized scoop of Vanilla ice cream. You think I enjoyed that? You bet!! After that, I went back to my dorm room and hung out in there until a while bit later. Then, Kenzie and her boyfriend and I and our other friend Nate wanted to go to Barnes and Noble in Roanoke which is about 45 minutes to an hour away. Luckily it didn't close until 10 PM because we got there around 8. I love that store and I could live there. Then after it closed we went back to SVU and went to bed. Well, technically still hung out in my room until I got tired and went to bed. Overall, I had a very good day yesterday!! I hope you all did too!! So these picture of me are what I wore on Valentine's Day. I took them just for you, Mom so you knew what I looked like all Fleur de lis decked out!!
Here's the front of it with my matching earrings and necklace

And here's the back with the matching pants!! I also wore my matching Fleur de lis purse too!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I definitely can't believe that this past Monday night, it actually finally snowed!! I was absolutely so excited that I acted like a little kid on Christmas Day. I thought it was magic! Okay, I know that sounds childish, but it made me so happy. So the next morning, I woke up to find that it was white and beautiful outside. I made sure that I got ready in plenty of time before class because I wanted to take pictures showing snow here at SVU and so you guys can see what it's kinda like here with snow. Yesterday was definitely a beautiful day. It wasn't windy like it was today, so it made yesterday even better than I thought it could've been. I feel so lucky being here. It's such a great experience.

The other picture is of one of my friends Lauren and me at the Roanoke mall and we had to take a picture with the cardboard Edward Cullen. HAHA! We're definitely dorks!
The big hill right by the lofts; it was covered in whiteness! So cool!
The new, finished church building
A cute, little evergreen tree in snow right before the stairs of utter destruction...
If you couldn't tell, I am overjoyed!

Yes, and with Edward Cullen....haha, dorks!