Monday, July 13, 2009

It's About Time

I am finally writing on my blog again after 4 months. Sorryit took me so long, but I've been so busy or just not motivated at all. Thanks to one of my favorite people, Sister Walker who actually did motivate me to start writing on my blog again, although it took a month after her telling me that I should start. I supposed I'll have to catch you up on the past 4 months.

April 11th was my 19th birthday. It's actually really weird to think that I'm already nineteen. I was, of course at SVU which actually wasn't so bad. For my past birthdays, I usually take a day off of school because I really don't like going to school on my birthday. It's just one of those things that don't like to do on my birthday. Luckily this year my birthday was on a Saturday so my friends and I went out to lunch at Ruby Tuesday's, and I opened all my presents there. Afterwards, I went to a school play called "The Diviners" which some of my friends were in it. It was a wonderful play and a bit heartbreaking too. It's about "a small farm community during the depression where water and faith are in short supply. A charismatic but back-sliding preacher drifts into town and meets a gentle but misunderstood boy with the gift of divining or water-witching. The two outcasts find a common bond and help each other divine for truth, faith and hope. The townspeople though demand the preacher return to a way of life he no longer believes in and it drives both men to a crisis of trust." It was a wonderful play which made my birthday more enjoyable.

I came back home very early of May because my study abroad trip to Mexico was cancelled due to the swine flu breakout. I was supposed to go there to finish my Spanish 3 and 4 so I could get all of my prerequisites all done and out of the way. I was bummed out that I couldn't go so I decided to go home. My brother Spencer wanted me home as well as my mom. I also had a feeling that I should go home this summer especially living away my freshman year.

Around the middle of May, my family plus my brother's friend and Spencer's girlfriend, Maycee, and I went for Memorial weekend to Rocky Point, Mexico to relax in the condo and on the beach. The Saturday before we went home, Maycee wanted to go walk the beach with Spencer at sunset and take pictures. Emily and I went with them with our cameras because we knew that Spencer would pop the question to her. My mom went along too to look for sea shells, without knowing what Spencer would do. Walking along the beach you can tell that Spencer was really nervous. After about thirty minutes, Spencer got down on one knee and proposed. It was soooo exciting that me and Emily were clapping and whooping. It was such an amazing and lovely evening. Now the date for their wedding is August 8th.

This past June 20th was also one of the most important days of my little sister, Alexis's life. She got baptized with her friend Madison Pickens. It was such a wonderful day. I reluctantly played the piano for her. I did want to play, but no matter how much I practiced it was still hard for me to play while people sing. Alexis looked absolutely beautiful and like an angel. Throughout the entire program, I could feel the Holy Ghost so strongly and I knew that this was the right place to be and the right thing for Alexis to do. Here's one of the pictures of her in her baptism dress.

I will definitely try to keep my blog updated more. Until next time!

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