Friday, September 18, 2009

Owl City!

This past weekend was way super fun and everyone should be jealous. Last Friday, I left SVU for the weekend with one of my best friends, Jessica George! to her house in Lincolnton, North Carolina. That Friday night, we drove to Carrboro to see a concert. Owl City. (Yes, I meant to put Owl City in its own sentence.) It was absolutely fantastic. I've been to other concerts and I will admit that this one will be up there at my top list with Good Charlotte, Boys Like Girls, Metrostation, and The Maine, and also of course, Lifehouse, and Josh Groban, and yes, I am going to include the Jonas Brothers (they seriously do give a really good, clean concert). Yup, these are all in my top list. Good stuff, I know. Jess and I realized that at the concert of Owl City every one, I repeat, EVERY ONE of the people in that band were gorgeous looking. So we took pictures of our beautiful selves and as well as the band. Enjoy!

Jess and I in the car on the way to Owl City!


Me and Jess at the concert!

The genius and hott singer and creator of Owl City

That amazing singer and the drummer who's also way hott!

Jess and I with our shirts that we got at the concert. Such happy times.
P.S. It took many shots to take a picture with our shirts. We never got a really good one, but I guess this one will do.

P.S.S. There's a couple of songs on my playlist that are sung by Owl City. You should listen to them. :)

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